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Thought Leaders for 2013

Thought Leaders are recognized by peers for having innovative ideas, unique perspectives, and provocative positions. They discuss why differentiation matters and move the conversation forward. Discover the different directions your thinking could take to find new solutions.

Speakers Connection is proud to represent Thought Leaders for 2013. For your next event, invite one of our Thought Leaders to challenge your thinking and find new solutions!


Travis Stork, MD

Emmy-nominated co-host of the award-winning talk show, "The Doctors," Healthy Lifestyle Author and ER Physician


Chip Bell, PhD

Topics: Customer Service, Innovative Service Strategies, Customer Loyalty
  • Frequent Speaker to Fortune 100 Companies on Innovative Customer Service Strategies
  • Author of: Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It

Dr. Bell reveals the best practices from the organizations leading the customer loyalty charge, giving audiences powerful cutting-edge ideas and unique strategies they can put into practice the minute they leave his keynote. Leadership Excellence Magazine listed him among the top 30 thought leaders.


Rick Brinkman, ND

Topics: Communication, Customer Service, Leadership
  • Co-Author: Dealing With People You Can`t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst
  • Voted "Funniest Speaker of the Year" by Sales Forum

Dr. Rick Brinkman has been sharing his human behavior insights and practical communication strategies in his trademark entertaining and educational style since 1980. A Best-selling Author and Communications Expert, he demonstrates how to turn difficult customers into "life long" customers.


Daniel Burrus

The New York Times claims Daniel Burrus as one of Americas top three business "gurus" in the highest demand as a speaker. He has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of predicting the future of technological change and its direct impact on the business world. Burrus believes wireless telemedicine, point of care transactions, e-enabled disease management, home diagnostics, the virtual hospital, e-enabled customer choice, e-enabled assisted living, e-communities of practice, just-in-time training, and procurement service providers are just a few of the many areas that can be used to accelerate transformation in healthcare.


Joe Calloway

Topics: Branding, Innovation, Customer Service

Joe Calloway, author of Becoming A Category Of One, leads an interactive session on the four drivers that sustain success and growth: IMPROVEMENT that is constant and relentless, INNOVATION close to the customer/patient, CONNECTION to lock in customer/patient loyalty and grow the business, and ACTION that is immediate and impactful. This program truly allows you to transcend commodity and defy comparison pushing your organization to a category all to itself!


Jack Canfield

A world-renowned expert at warming hearts and changing lives, Jack Canfield is the originator and co-creator of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. But behind the empire Time magazine called the "publishing phenomenon of the decade" is America's leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators. A compelling, empowering, and compassionate coach, he has been a high school and university teacher, a workshop facilitator, a psychotherapist, and for the past 30 years, a leading authority in the areas of self-esteem, achievement motivation, and personal development.


Aaron Carroll, MD, MS

Topics: Healthcare Reform, Information Technology, Healthcare Futurist
  • Director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research
  • Expert on Cost, Quality & Access in Healthcare
  • Leading Pediatric Informaticist in the U.S.

Dr. Carroll, a leading expert on health care reform, uses publicly available data and unbiased research to cut through the rhetoric and clearly explain the issues with our current system. He explains how the Affordable Care Act really works, details what it contains, and how it will be implemented over the next decade.


Bruce Clark, DPH

Topics: Marketing, Management, Leadership
  • Visionary & Thought Leader on Business & Marketing Implications of the New Consumer
  • Authority on the Future Demands and Challenges Presented by the New Consumer.
  • Produced the PBS Series "Caring for an Aging Society"

Dr. Bruce Clark's comprehensive multimedia presentations focus on the trends that will shape, and literally reinvent, the future and illustrate the profound impact this business/social revolution will have on your marketing communications.


Geoffrey Colvin

To look at the numbers is to understand his influence: ~ 14 million people visit Fortune.com's website. Geoff's "On Leadership" interview series is one of the most popular features on the site and was visited over 5 million times in 2013. ~ Fortune has 3.8 million readers - Geoff's column is one of the most popular items. He's been with Fortune Magazine for 34 years. ~ 7 million listeners hear Geoff's "Inside Business" segments on CBS Radio stations across America. He's done the segment for 27 years. The insights Geoff delivers are remarkable in their clarity, giving leaders the perspective they need to make better decisions about the future of healthcare.


Chip Eichelberger

  • Peak Performance Strategist, Motivational Dynamo, & Team Cohesion Expert
  • Formerly the Top Field Sales Leader & Trainer for Anthony Robbins
Chip Eichelberger's presentations are an interactive experience, not a one-way speech that creates productivity and value for your organization.
"Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. He has the experience to make a difference for any company." Anthony Robbins


Bob Farrell

Topics: Customer Service, Servant Leadership, Restaurant Management
  • Customer Service Guru
  • Best-Selling Author: Give 'Em The Pickle
  • 130 Farrell's Restaurants - One of the 1st National Full-Service Chains

Farrell believes serving others is our #1 priority, coupled with a service-oriented attitude of high service standards that you live by every day and a commitment to teamwork.


Cynthia Green, PhD

Topics: Memory Fitness, Sales, Leadership
  • One of America's Foremost Memory Fitness and Brain Health Experts
  • Expert in Improving Your Memory to Boost Sales Skills
  • Author of Total Memory Workout Now in its 10th Printing

Nationally recognized expert in memory fitness and brain health, as well as an acclaimed author, respected keynoter, and author of "30 Days To Total Brain Health."


Joe Greer, MD

Topics: Inspiration, Policy & Poverty in America
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
  • Opened Camillus Health Concern (CHC) to Treat the Poor & Homeless Populations of Miami
  • Assistant Dean for Homeless Education at the University of Miami School of Medicine and Chairman of Digestive Management at Mercy Hospital

Moving easily between the worlds of Anglo and Spanish, rich and poor, powerful and helpless, Dr. Greer is a living, spirited testimony to the difference one committed individual can make in the lives of others.


Stephen Kiernan

Topics: Culture & Society, Health & Wellness, Personal Commitment, Hospice
  • Award-Winning Journalist
  • Author of Last Rights & Authentic Patriotism
  • Described as a healer of the divide between 'the right' and 'left'

To restore America, Stephen encourages his audiences to become 'Authentic Patriots' and act in common purpose for the good of the country.


Joseph Michelli, PhD

Author of The Starbuck's Experience, Dr. Michelli presents customer trends verifying the wisdom of adopting a cost-effective commitment to elevating service and customer experience and targeting customer retention and acquisition of your competitors' disgruntled customers.